Language Learning Facilities
Language skills are increasingly important in the Asian job market. College Metro Prima has invested extensively in language learning facilities to meet the growing demand. Language laboratory equipped with computers, audio visual, satellite TV and, radio and reference collection is provided to all students.

Information Library Services
College Metro Prima provides an extensive library and range of information services to support your learning and enable you to study more effectively. Study facilities are excellent. We offer many reading places for silent and quiet group work. Our library now comprises of over 5000 volumes, which include 1800 current periodicals.

Audio and Visual Lab
The College audio and visual lab help students to acquire languages skills effectively.

Computer System
Computer laboratories are open to students when they are not being used for classes. Students enjoy the benefits of Internet using ADSL broadband services.

We have a gymnasium for students and staff to use.

Recreational park
Students can rest and organise study group, while waiting for the next class in our recreational park.